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» WE HAVE MOVED!!!!!!!!!!
Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:46 am by bigyin96

» WE HAVE MOVED!!!!!!!!
Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:45 am by bigyin96

» WE HAVE MOVED!!!!!!!
Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:44 am by bigyin96

Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:43 am by bigyin96

Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:43 am by bigyin96

Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:42 am by bigyin96

Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:42 am by bigyin96

Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:41 am by bigyin96

Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) I_icon_minitimeFri May 11, 2012 2:40 am by bigyin96


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    Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First)


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    Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) Empty Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First)

    Post  Bowlington on Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:39 pm

    iZone Update: the entire inside of the walls are now a zone, in this zone: monsters won't spawn, TNT won't work, Explosions don't have any effect on blocks, and any players inside the wall will be healed.
    Document Updated: 2/22/12

    TLCG Minecraft Server

    This is your guide to TLCG's private Minecraft server. The server is hosted by Kerplunc Gaming and provided by Bowlington for the free use of the clan at large.

    Server Rules

    1. Respect the Creations of others.
    2. Admin/Mod rules are the law of the land. We also have eyes everywhere. Everywhere.
    3. No GRIEFING. This includes and is not limited to: Spring-placements (adding lava springs or water springs in the way of others or their property), vandalism (destroying another person's blocks), theft (acquiring somebody else's blocks or items without their permission: when someone dies or from chests/mines). Grief... and then the banhammer comes out. Specific areas have protection on them that doesn't allow some commonly used griefing tools to be used(TNT, Flint and steel, Lava/Water buckets).
    4. Spamming is against the rules. I don't like it and neither does anyone else.
    5. Read signs, they have useful stuff on them.
    6. Teleporting must be operated through the use of teleportation-request. Use the commands /tpa to request before teleporting, /tpaccept and /tpdeny will accept or deny a teleportation request.
    7. Rank-based powers must be used sensibly in Survival and not used as a competitive advantage, unless a specific use is approved by an Admin or agreed upon by the community at large.

    Administration and Promotions

    Leader: Casamyr
    Owner: Bowlington(colegridley)
    Admins: bigyin96, PhilipOmnis, kand995(Tezzac)

    Ranks and their in-game colors:
    Default: Yellow
    Builder: Green
    Moderator: Purple
    Admin: Red
    Owner: Red
    The Ranks in-game will reflect your ranks here on the forum, so if your a member or an admin/moderator you will get the corresponding privileges based on your rank and access to more advanced options and responsibilities. The administration as a whole can promote/demote users as we see fit based on behavior and or knowledge of Minecraft as a whole. You can ask to be promoted but we may or may not feel that you need to be moved up, this will be done on a per person basis. If you wish to be promoted please PM Bowlington or bigyin96 here on the forum and we will consider your request.

    Residents and Neighborhoods

    The different sections of the area inside the wall are broken down into several partitions or "Neighborhoods", and may be referred to as both. Sections within the wall benefit from luxuries such as not having monsters in their yards, nobody blowing your house up, timmy from down the street not lighting stuff on fire with matches, and a nice atmosphere that gives your player better health. In all seriousness, the sections benefit from lit, paved walkways between them and various points of interest, a market to buy supplies and tools, a chapel, an indoor swimming pool, a community wheat farm(please replant!), and a town hall.

    The various Neighborhoods and their residents:

    Downtown: Homes located at the heart of the town, on Main Street.
    bigyin96- Keeps an aesthetically pleasing loft here, with a creative emphasis of wooded blocks.

    Malibu: A beachfront area, with crystal clear water and a calming seabreeze.
    skinny109- Skinny calls a modern beachhouse home at the waters edge.

    Lagoon: Water centric, upscale neghborhood northwest of spawn.
    MorpheusZero- Is based in the Lagoon section of town, and the Clan Leader for SoldiersNeverSleep or sNs. Morpheus calls stilted lagoon compound home.
    LT13QB- Has a nice stilt house and farm next door from morpheus.
    ThePope890- Has a glass-fronted beach house around the corner from Morph and LT.

    Harbour: Snowy, but cozy area adjacent to the Waterfront.
    Matty021220- Is living in a flourishing wood based home not far from the walkway.

    This section will contain all the plugins we're currently using and their purpose. I am also running several anti-griefing and back up plugins for the protection of the community at large. I will post some of them here so they can be explained but some are going to stay secret for obvious reasons. GRIEFERS TAKE NOTE: You won't last long on our server, we are a tight knit community, and you will easily be detected.

    Plugins: (commands will follow in their own section)

    -Essentials: This is the base plugin our server is set up on. Allows mining, placing, building. Very basic stuff.
    -EssentialsGeoIP: This plugin shows the location a new user is logging in from. (Its very general to the public ie. it only shows the country, but it also saves the IP in our logs for Admin purposes.)
    -Groupmanager: This plugin controls our Server ranks and permissions. (Builder, Moderator, Admin, etc.)
    -iZone: Anti-griefing and protection plugin, details in later section, ask Bowlington to use this.
    -Mobarena: Allows a gladiator style game to be played with other users against various waves of Mobs. (supports classes).
    -Spout: Spout (The link before this sentence will give you info on the server plugin itself) A client tie-in plugin allowing more features to users who are also using the client. (I have now gotten it setup correctly so you do not need the client to play on the server, you can use it if you wish)
    -Worldedit: A very powerful editor for admins/OP's only. When in use it may cause some server lag due to the sheer amount of blocks that are being manipulated, ask an admin if you want to know if Worldedit is currently in use or if the lag is from another reason.
    -Zeeslag: This is a plugin that allows in-game Battleship matches
    -Craftipedia: Allows players to look up crafting recipes in-game.
    -BOSEconomy: This plugin controls the servers financial system.
    -Citizens: This plugin allows the dynamic creation of NPCs that can serve a variety of uses.

    Commands and Usage

    This section will be broken down to each individual plugin and what you need to know to use them. Note: some are serverside/admin/op use only and do not apply to everyone and will be posted in the Officers lounge. Plugin titles are WHITE commands are GREEN and the descriptions are grey.

    IMPORTANT! You must be atleast a Builder to use any commands other than /spawn. Your rank must be set by an Admin in-game, or you will not be able to mine or build.

    Essentials: Includes some basic commands that are useful to all players.
    /spawn - Spawns the player at the worlds SpawnPoint
    /warp <destination> - Warps you to the destination specified
    /sethome - Sets your Personal home warp point. (Note: this is specific to each user, and each user has a personal home base.)

    Essentials GeoIP: This is serverside and does not have any applicable commands.

    GroupManager: This is admin/op use only, please see the thread in the officers lounge if this applies to you.

    iZone: This is admin/op use only.
    This plugin has many uses such as
    -Protecting your land
    -Disabling monsters
    -Disabling animals
    -Send a welcome message when entering a zone
    -Send a farewell message when leaving a zone
    -Give health to a player over time
    -Turn pvp on or off in a zone
    -Disable creeper explosions
    -Disable tnt explosions
    -Disable all explosions
    -Disable all fire interactions
    -Players won't be able to enter a zone with restriction
    -Players won't be able to leave a zone with jail
    -Disable thunder strikes
    -Disable drops on dead
    -Disable all drops in the zone
    -Disable any interactions with the zone
    -Disable all enderman interactions
    -Give godmode to all players in a zone that can be defined
    If you want to use any of these ask Bowlington to help you set zones.

    MobArena: This plugin has some very specific commands, make sure you type them correctly.
    /ma join or /ma j - Join the arena if only one exists.
    /ma join <testarena> or /ma j <testarena> - Join the arena with the specified name. (testarena will be changed when a new one is built, but for now thats the active arena)
    /ma leave or /ma l - Leave the current arena, or the spectator area. (This is VERY IMPORTANT, make sure you use this command when leaving the arena area or you will not be allowed to drop items from your inventory!)
    /ma notready - Get a list of all players who aren't ready.
    /ma spectate or /ma spec - Spectate the arena if only one exists.
    /ma spectate <arena> or /ma spec <arena> - Spectate the arena with the specified name.
    /ma arenas - Get a list of all arenas. Green names are enabled, gray names are disabled.
    /ma players - Get a list of all arena players.
    /ma players <arena> - Get a list of arena players in the specified arena.

    Spout- This is a serverside plugin that has no specific commands. Only applies if you are using SpoutCraft.

    Worldedit- This is an Admin/op plugin only. Please see the Officers lounge post for how to use this if it applies to you.

    Zeeslag- This plugin also has some specific commands for starting games.
    /zs help <PageNumber> - Shows all available commands.
    /zs inv [PlayerName] [FieldName] - Sends an invite to a player.
    /zs start [FieldName] [FieldName] - Starts a match against the Server.
    /zs deny - Denies the invite of a player.
    /zs accept - Accept the invite of a player.
    /zs cancel - Cancels your invite to someone.
    /zs random OR /zs r - Places your boats randomly across the field.
    /zs ready - Sets you status to Ready, and the game will start when both players have used '/zs ready'!

    Craftipedia- This plugin only has one command that needs to be remembered.
    /recipe <item> - Returns the recipe to craft the item.

    BOSEconomy: This is a very complex system, the commands will be posted once implementation is finished.

    Citizens: This is for admin use because the NPCs need to be setup specifically, It will be tied into the economy plugin allowing items to be bought and sold in a global economic system, along with having NPC guards, blacksmiths, traders, and several more.

    Getting Started

    Now that all the formalities are out of the way you can get to mining! The main town has a large wall around it. You are free to build a dwelling of your choice inside these walls. You can explore out side the walls at your own discretion but if you want to establish a settlement, run it past an Admin first. Also put a sign up on your property so everyone knows who it belongs to and theres no property disputes. Please use the threads her on the forum for their purposes, like reporting an issue or something along those lines. This thread will get you started on the basics of Minecraft as a whole: Beginners Guide to Minecraft

    This post is still being written, but the just of the info is there. Any other admins feel free to add to the Essentials commands list because its massive and I want to include only the ones that we use often, all I ask is that you uphold to the overall style of the post.

    Current Server Information and Rules (Read ME First) 9d5da7517cbc59d3
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